Jan's Manly Baseball; Jack's Gay Sweater

ok friends -- I want to set two records straight. 5 HR deby games played. 5 won by me with crushing margins. 1 one by Gregory gomes.

I am tremendous at this.

Next, we have the car radio and sophisticated tape player. IT GOT FIXED..... by Jack

He read all the paperwork in my car.

he found a peiece of paper I didn't and typed in the right code. See I thought it was 1252
coz that's what my piece of paper said, but no it was 5142.

bam, working stereo. Now all i have to do to secure bliss is throw away the rap mix tape (pat's) and one of three REM tapes (jack's)

jack bought a very girly rainbow hooded dacron zippy sweatshirt. he thought he scored, but I wonder if I could 'score' with such a raging homo within 40 feet of me. you should see how GAYlord it is. i am beginning to wonder, especially with Jacks opting to be the naked guy in a hot tub filled wuth guys who did decide to wear shorts. Don't worry readers, it is probably just the road trip that's turning his head in the directions of the unfair sex -- pat and I are such studs after all.

I want to eat something. I am soo hungry. I think there are some nutritious kahndy bars in the car, but I want to buy some pasta.

A bit of bcktracking, the drive through Nevada was vonderbrot. You gotta take rte 50 across. I'm thinking about somehting, but I won't tell y'all what till the next blo post.

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