Wolf Country!

Here we are, face to face--in Alamogordo, no less--with Jan short a wallet (he put it on top of the car and then drove off, classic) and a car leaking coolant. We are also in the desert. The desert has internet though and brillant coffee.

We made a short filmed titled "Wolf Country" on Super 8 in Gila National Forests. Everyone dies.

We also hiked to a hot spring in Gila. It involved two river crossings there and two back. The river was unexpectedly deep and cold. Also, it had a swift current. Once we got to the hot spring, we discovered it was more of a "Boiling Hot Ankle Spring" as the only part of your body the spring covered was your ankles and the spring was at about 150 degrees. It was free though.

Hot Springs!

In the town of Gila Springs an old man told me and Jack to stop throwing rocks at each other. We listened.

Silver City is possibly Jan's new home. He applied (and interviewed) for a job there. He thought it went very well. Silver City has several fine coffee shops and is the home of Western New Mexico University.

For several days now I have been eating large bowls of Green Chiles and shredded beef. They are absolutely delicious. We drove through Demming, NM which is the largest producer of Green Chiles in the world.

We also went to Rockhound State PArk in an attempt to find geodes. Jan found 3 and Me, Jack, & Amy found none. There is a 15 pound limit per person of geodes you can take with you. We took approximately 9 ounces.

Today we bury Jacob's time capsule in White Sands. Wish you were here!

pat b.

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